Men's Ministries

“Deep in his heart, every man wants to be a part of a team that does something great. Just look at the movies men adore. A team comes together to save the world, steal the money, or win the championship. The Lord of the Rings, X-Men, The Matrix, Saving Private Ryan, Oceans Eleven, Remember The Titans… feature a band of brothers who attempt the dangerous, the outrageous, the impossible. Each member of the team has a specialty and makes a vital contribution. A band of brothers. Though he may not realize it, every man longs to be a part of one” (Why Men Hate Church, D. Murrow).
Men's Ministries seeks to make men part of a team and to serve other ministries.  Through activities and fellowship we cultivate relationships where men can be men.  In a world full of pressure and expectations, Men's Ministries offers a place where men are encouraged to grow their faith in God, and become the priests of their homes.

Meeting Times (during Football Season): Every Monday night for Football Game
Location: Contact the Church.  We are currently meeting at homes of our men's ministry members
Tony Cruz, Leader